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With our experience spanning 35 years here at JDS we are fully aware of the great impact that a loss or theft can have on a family when disaster strikes. Understanding the upset that making a claim can have goes a long way to helping with settlement.

Mission Statement JDS:

To provide the most comprehensive and professional jewellery replacement service in the UK.

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JDS are specialists in handling validation, resolving insurance claims where no previous professional valuation is available.

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We provide access to nationwide jewellers chains for replacements and source and service High Net Worth claims.

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Bespoke Jewellery

JDS have been manufacturing replacement jewellery items for clients for the last 35 years here in Hatton garden.

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Direct Replacement

Visit our website JDS123 to view an extensive range of great Jewellery in various different forms.

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JDS are specialists in repair. Our expert team is committed to skilfully repair your valuable and cherished jewellery items.

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Asian Jewellery

We offer professional Asian jewellery appraisal, replacement quotations and repair service. Owing to the complexity of the Asian 22ct and 24ct gold jewellery in the insurance industry, JDS has an in-house specialist to value Asian jewellery.

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We provide access to nationwide jewellers chains. JDS have been in the watch replacement business again for over 35 years and have access to over 165 brands.

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Working for You

Our friendly, expert team are ready and waiting to guide you through your claim. We understand this can be a very difficult time, and we will do everything we can to ease the process. Customers gain reassurance from being able to discuss their claim with empathetic and knowledgeable specialists who are fully aware of the challenges of describing items that may have been acquired or gifted over many years.

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Jewellery Insurance Claims

At JDS we understand that your jewellery is precious, not just in terms of value, but that it often has history and emotional significance. For this reason we strive to provide you with the very highest standard of customer service, and we will treat your jewellery with the utmost care and respect.

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For help and enquiries, please contact our customer support team at or call 0207 242 9933